Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oinky's Chicharon and Good Eats

Oinky's Chicharon and Good Eats
Let me show you some of the delectable "Burgers" I mean Pandesal that looks like the size of burgers already. I thought at first it was a burger but when I asked and check the menu it was actually a Pandesal...

Oinky's Chicharon and Good Eats was founded and established by Soguilon Foods Corporation in April 2014 primarily as a brand to provide local food and food products. The main product line of the brand is the Oinky's Chicharon globally known as pork rinds.

Ham and Cheese Pandesal ~ Php 88.00 
Chori Pandesal with Egg ~ Php 108.00
Mushroom and Cheese Pandesal ~ Php 88.00
Scrambled Egg Pandesal ~ Php 68.00
Corned Beef Pandesal ~ Php 118.00
Tuna Pandesal ~ Php 113.00
Oinky's Chicharon is a fast emerging chicharon brand in the market. As we all know, chicharon is a native specialty of the Philippines. It is a well-loved snack in Filipino culture, a perfect beer match and even used as topping in many native dishes. Made from high-quality pork skin, Oinky's Chicharon's freshness, delicious taste, and crispiness will delight your senses making you crave for more.

Now, Oinky's is full-grown restaurant and retail shop that serve local delicacies at it's best.

Chicken Arozcaldo ~ Php 38.00
Ginataang Bilo-Bilo ~ Php 48.00
Champorado ~ Php 38.00
Mais Con Yelo ~ Php 48.00
Flavored Laman (Upper Left - BBQ Flavor) ~ Php 150.00
Original Laman (Upper Right) ~ Php 148.00
Chicharon Bits (Lower Left - BBQ Flavor) - Php 40.00
Original Balat (Lower Right) Php 68.00

BBQ Carbonara ~ Php 178.00
BBQ Marinara ~ Php 178.00
Barbecue ~ Php 38.00/pc
My Choice Frosted Mint ~ Php 128.00

Thanks Much to the owners of Oinky's Good Eats to Ms.Kristine S. Lim (Chairwoman/CEO) and Ms.Frances Margaret L. Medina (Chief Executive Manager) of Soguilon Foods Corporation for being so humble and generous. No wonder their different restaurants is indeed booming in success and growth. Appreciate Much the Chicharon and sawsawan goodies!


Open From Mon-Sun: 08:00 - 00:00

For advance and bulk orders: 
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Troika Resto Art Gallery *Dine*Paint*Chill

Troika Resto Art Gallery
Got the opportunity to dine, paint, and chill at Troika Restaurant. Which is located just a few steps to UST.

One of the most noticeable things you'll see inside the restaurant is a delightful atmosphere with excellent and interesting food, and ART, ART, and more ART from every corner of it from music to paintings to drawings to even from the utensils and decorations they use. Everything describes being artistic which I believe the owners are the ones responsible for how amazing the restaurant interior output really is.

Troika Resto Art Gallery
The Trio, is a group of three individuals who have been friends for over a decade, established and named the restaurant "Troika" because in Russia, тройка - which is the original word of Troika, translates to "set of three".

Troika is a casual dining restaurant that serves Italian and Spanish cuisines along with different kinds of cocktails and beers. Troika's industrial and vintage-inspired furniture pieces go with the exposed ceiling giving the restaurant its rustic aura.

Troika Resto Art Gallery
Troika Resto Art Gallery
In Troika, everyone is an artist. Customers will be given a small canvass and some paint so they can create their own masterpiece while waiting for their meal. Your work of art can either be taken home or displayed on the walls of Troika.

Troika Resto Art Gallery
Troika Resto Art Gallery
On top of serving sumptuous dishes and beverages, Troika is also open to individuals that would like to promote their masterpiece on Troika's wall and to artists and painters that would like to hold their own art exhibits.

Some of the delicious food on the Menu!
Potato Bomb
Troika Burger - Php 170.00
Chili con quezo nachos - Php 130.00
Pizza Pizza Fries
Troika Sardines - Php 160.00
Creamy Bacon Ziti - Php 140.00

Troika has a very relaxing ambiance and music vibe, plus they have art collections and even memorabilia indie their resto. And best of all you get to pay what your money deserves and all worth it...

Their very own and best seller pitcher cocktails are now available in a bottle! No need to go out! They will bring the party to your place!

Troika Resto Art Gallery
  • Premium and Branded Ingredients
  • 500ml
  • Shelf Life: 5-7days (sealed)
  • Retail: Same day delivery
  • Bulk: 1-2days

  • Black Pink
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Fake Lemonade
  • Green Fairy
  • Lost Island
  • Paranoia
  • Troika Zombie
  • Psychosis
  • Black Opium

  • Retail
  • Wholesale

  • Sampaloc, Manila
  • Minimum of 6 bottles
  • Everyday (11am - 5pm)
  • Tugatog, Malabon
  • Minimum of 6 bottles
  • MWF (6-7pm)
Troika Resto Art Gallery

Troika Resto Art Gallery

Monday to Saturday

11am to 5pm
823 Extremadura St. Brgy. 460 Zone 45 Sampaloc, Manila