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CIUDAD FOOD AVENUE The dream food hub for Batanguenyos!

The first all-in-one food avenue which caters to the cravings of Batanguenyo food buffs.

Ciudad Food Avenue located at Diversion Rd. Batangas City is a dream came to a reality of two Batanguenyo business partners who hoped for establishing a legacy in Batangas. 11 months after the team broke ground in October 2016, Ciudad Food Avenue was officially launched during its grand opening on September 23, 2017.

Ciudad Food Avenue's wide hallway you can even drive a car between restaurants

The name was taken from the Spanish word for a city - a place which provides all types of needs and services for its inhabitants. My first ever to visit Batangas and my first ever provincial travel blog of a food park in Batangas from a co-blogger/friend Herald Nissi Moncal Bermejo of BarakoPh. So you just can't imagine how happy I am to travel a few hours from Manila to Batangas.

Trivia: There is only 1 comfort room at the food park that you need to pay Php 5.00 each time you wanna flush that food out and it's wide and clean which is very important in any public areas.

Ciudad Food Avenue provides Batanguenyo food fanatics all types of food that they could possibly want in one Food Avenue. With different food parks and food trucks sprouting in the Metro, it's also good to go a distance and visit Ciudad Food Avenue wherein they present a vibe and ambiance which could be at par with highly organized food hubs in the Philippines.

If there's a wishing well this one is an exception for me I find it like a wishing tree. The lights surrounding it added a magical view which makes it perfect for an instagrammable spot at the food park.

The spacious carpark situated in the back area of Ciudad Food Avenue

You don't only get to eat delicious food and take your instagrammable shots at Ciudad Food Avenue but they also have an area called shopping area or Tiangge area located at the left side of Ciudad Food Avenue. Very affordable and fashionable finds.

What makes Ciudad Food Avenue different from other Food Park is that every 11 large restaurants serve a wide variety of dishes. Each establishment has a unique theme, concept, and specialty which only they could offer. Not contradicting other restaurants inside Ciudad Food Avenue. 

11 Large Restaurants Inside Ciudad Food Avenue:

Cafe de ALPS
Your Foodtrip Destination Starts Here!

The restaurant is the first and only bus-cafe in Batangas which serves rice meals, all-day American breakfast, and pasta.

Cafe de ALPS is the only establishment with Ciudad Food Avenue allowed to serve coffee, both hot and cold.

Located at Metro Events Zone Lipa City and Ciudad Food Avenue, Diversion Road Batangas City.

If Cafe de ALPS could put up different branches in Edsa, I think it will listen to the traffic for commuters would really wanna buckle up and stop for a cup of coffee or be refresh with their frap as well as take a bite of their cakes and meals.

Hotspot KTV

Equipped with cozy KTV Rooms perfect for night outs and belting out tunes with family and friends. If you're int he mood for your mini concert Hotspot KTV is the right place to go to at Ciudad Food Avenue.

Twins Wild Wings
If You're craving for some oh so tender, off the bones Ribs, Twins Smoked Ribs is the place to be.
Twins Wild Wings is the only restaurant allowed to serve different preparations of chicken wings among its clients inside Ciudad Food Avenue.

Bull & Booze
Serves different types of steak and booze to please its guest as the name suggest.

Big Boned Restobar
If You're craving for some oh so tender, off the bones Ribs, Twins Smoked Ribs is the place to be.

Exclusively serves back ribs steak with a Western and Batanguenyo fusion of dish in addition to other dishes. Serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

12x8 Pipe Bar and Restaurant
A module-type industrial food plant wherein its layout is a food court rolled into one restaurant.

The only restaurant in Ciudad Food Avenue which has a highly acoustic band and offers boodle sets as well Big Burger.

Casa del Rey
Serves native dishes which would scintillate your taste buds.

TJ Sizzle Restobar
The eat is on in Batangas! TJ sizzle is the casual dining restaurant and Bar where you, family and friends can enjoy a great meal at an affordable price.

It's container-truck design and boasts of its sizzling plate meals cooked to perfection.

Arcat Kitchen
Delicious Taste of Filipino Cuisine

The only restaurant in Ciudad Food Avenue which serves "lutong bahay" dishes with a twist to satisfy your food cravings.

Pier 151
Brag about its unique set-up - a ship-restaurant which exclusively plates seafood as its main dish.

Frozen Hub
“Taste the goodness of sweet life.”
Boasting about its Instagram-worthy crazy drinks and gelato. The place likewise serves ala carte dishes and pasta.

17 Food Carts Inside Ciudad Food Avenue:

MAC'S Pizza
The pizza stand with a unique tagline "Masarap Pang-utin"
Brags about its pizza with an astounding name - Big Pepe (pizza loaded with pepperoni cheese) and Waikiki (the Hawaiian pizza)

Jobelle Ice Cream
Mapapa-scream ka sa sarap!
Boasting of its strawberry-chili ice cream (one which has a different spunk to it) along with other flavors.

Señor Churros
Boasts of its churros served with a special chocolate dip which would make you drool for more.

Eat's Soya/Nacholicious
Serves soya milk, flavored taho and different variants of nachos - perfect for small group snacks.

Asian Dimsum
Gives guests a taste of dimsum and dumpling served Asian style.

Chiko's Fruit Shake
Prepares fruit shakes made from fresh fruits.

Lemon Drops
Offers guests of Ciudad Food Avenue lemonade as thirst-quencher.

Krispy Kap
Serves crispy potato fries with drinks.

Uses "longanisang hubad" as main ingredient tot he Mexican food it serves.

Pitalicious Shawarma
Prepares quality shawarma served with its unique sauce.

Hotdog Overload
It prepares hotdog with a different twist.

Botog's Food House
Serves the ever-loved pansit, lomi, and isaw among other street foods.

Aling Luisa
Gives guests who have a tight budget a place in Cuidad Food Avenue by serving lugaw with different toppings.

I Lab Yo
The first and only frozen yogurt house in Batangas City which offers little sweet and mild tangy taste of froyo served with different toppings.

Wrap and Rolls
Serves three variants of plato wraps with a twist.

Pan Pressed Cafe
Specializes on panini, quesadilla and crepe.

Didn't you notice one thing that's missing from the vicinity of the food park? I had never spotted any single garbage and I panicked a bit because there was this one time I dunno where to put my trash so well come on yes I just put it on the table and in just a bit took some selfies and as I look back the trash is no longer there. That is something which amazes me about Ciudad Food Park the cleanliness of the environment within the vicinity is taken seriously by the people operating it. I asked them where do they put the trashcan area they said they put it at the back of each restaurant to avoid flies/langaw and i was such a wise idea. I had never seen anything like of their concept in any food park in Metro Manila, which I am bragging now. One more thing is that there are tree's and plants around the area and it's refreshing to see it because of the breeze from the trees. I only hope they will also take consideration of putting one branch in Metro Manila because I know it will surely click.

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The dream food hub for Batanguenyos!