Thursday, March 2, 2023

My So Clean… So Good Experience at Hotel Sogo Guadalupe Branch!

The world is moving towards a new normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has led the world to cancel vacations, reunions and business trips for the past 3 years. Now, people are searching to return to some pretense of normal life some are even having their own #RevengeTravel. Staycation is an increasing trend because it’s an easy way to take a break without travelling too far.

I had always been a constant customer of Hotel Sogo in the Metro the largest hotel chain in the Philippines most specifically at Hotel Sogo Guadalupe Edsa branch.

They always welcome me with a bow greeting and even though they’re wearing mask I can feel they’re also smiling upon welcoming me. The hotel features a 24-hour front desk, room service, and 24-hour check-in.

I am also fond of placing my vote regarding my experience whenever I get to stay at any of their branch in the Metro, I always give an excellent experience. 😊

This is their lobby area wherein you can sit from their different sofa and the one I am always fond of sitting is at their waiting area where you can hear music while waiting for your n umber to be called. So, you won’t get bored at all plus they have TV for you also to watch while waiting.

Customer can also het to buy some souvenir items from every branch from caps to umbrella, mugs, shirts, keychain, sleepers, and a lot more from their display area.

Enhanced cleaning and sanitation have been applied in all its branches. Hand Sanitizers in common areas. Constant disinfection in all amenities is also implemented.

Hotel Sogo’s continuous innovation on its amenities and masterful craft on its clean and sanitized room summarizes its “so clean… so good” experience in all of its branches. Truly, Hotel Sogo’s strength lies in its services by creating first-rate quality and affordable stay fit for young professionals, digital natives, travelers, and families.

From deluxe to the regency, all rooms are perfectly designed for couples, families, or solo-stay who want the comfort of staying at home while having the leisure to easily access shopping malls, restaurants, and a lot more.
What better way to describe the room is comfortable and relaxing other than the fact that it is clean and cozy of course. We stayed in a Regency 2 room.

Who doesn’t want a bathtub for a relaxing bubble bath or just simply having a hot bath. It has a hot and cold shower.

The room has two tables 1 for dining and the other one is a huge one for putting some of your stull but with me this is where I get to put my laptop and work while watching a movie or news at the huge TV. And of course put all of my snacks while we watch movies. Besides also has a huge mirror though inside the room has different huge mirror which is a good thing so that I can see myself before I head out of the room.

Best of all you don’t need to bring along towels, toiletries and slippers because they already provided it and are ready inside the rooms. I know you’re just like me who hates bringing a  lot of my personal needs whenever I travel or do my staycation because it is hard travelling with a lot of bags and luggage’s with personal stuff in it. Good thig Hotel Sogo already though of it, by the way waters are also included at the reception area once booked.

They also have portable USB sockets for charging and other sockets from the table but just a tip bring your own cables if you have multiple gadgets that you needed to charge.

Why stay at an expensive hotel when you could enjoy the same hospitality and comforts at a more affordable price? At Hotel SOGO, free Wi-Fi Internet, entertainment plus a hot and cold shower, and they have in-room dining, which is my favorite part to share with you all.


This is one of the most exciting parts of my stay, The food. Hotel Sogo has a wide selection of food to choose from their Menu. You won’t even have to go outside anymore because they have it all well from my experience, they have most of what you will want from their menu.

Hotel Sogo is famous not only for its clean modern looking rooms and for affordable rates but also known by its iconic dishes you can always try once you visit any Hotel Sogo branch nationwide.
Take a look at all the food from this photo isn’t it exciting to go check-in right away at your nearest Hotel Sogo branch and order as many foods as you want and have a relaxing stay and a good night sleep?

Looking at the menu, guests can choose from a wide variety of delicacies from appetizers, soups, vegetables, breakfast orders, ala-carte orders, and even bento box and rice bowl meals—there is a ton to choose from!
Here’s a line-up of the ones you need to try whenever you stay at Hotel Sogo. Here are some of the “Must Order” from their menu!
Crispy Pinakbet – Php 180.00
Pinakbet is a well-liked vegetable dish among many Filipinos. It is made up of squash, eggplant, okra, yard-long beans, bitter melon, and other vegetables. If you're looking for home-cooked meals while staying at the hotel, the classic Filipino mixed vegetables with crispy deep-fried pork belly are a must-try combination of flavors. My instant favorite I ate it to myself alone. 😊

Half Fried Chicken – Php 250.00
Mouthwatering in-house specialty fried chicken good for sharing. The well-known half-fried chicken is popular for its flavor. Typically, it is fried to golden perfection and marinated in citrus and spices. It is one of Hotel Sogo's most popular dishes, and every guest should try it!

Canton Guisado – Php 190.00
All-time favorite with its perfectly cooked egg noodles, meats, seafoods and vegetables enriched with oyster sauce. The canton guisado at Hotel Sogo is a popular dish in all of its locations and is considered a trademark by some. This all-time favorite is great for dinner parties with the family or on special occasions. This dish is truly delicious, prepared with care, and certain to be a crowd favorite! MapapaPansit kayo dyan talaga kayo!

Spicy Chicken Wings – Php 230.00
Succulent spicy fried chicken wings. Who can resist chicken wings? Since it's chicken wings and I love chicken wings, everyone wants it. Due to their crispiness and flavor, Hotel Sogo's spicy chicken wings have become a new favorite. No need to use utensils since its perfect to eat it barehand for that finger lickin’ good!

Nilagang Bulalo– Php 230.00
Delicious Batangas recipe one of their best sellers.

Halo-halo– Php 115.00
Exciting, icy creamy concoction of assorted sweet preserves.

Plus they have variety of drinks to choose from even alcohol drinks and coffee.

Take Note of this if they don’t serve your food and beverage orders within 10 minutes it’s FREE! Because they serve hot and fresh food to their guests. So Fast… So Good.

Wherever you go, there is a Hotel Sogo situated in almost every key city in the metro since it has currently over 45 branches nationwide and still expanding.

For guests with a vehicle, parking is available at their lower ground or basement may it be motorcycle or cars.

With more than 46 branches of Hotel Sogo I’m sure you can choose one to stay and enjoy its So Clean… So Good experience.
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