Saturday, May 16, 2020

Hotel Sogo for a New So Safe Campaign

Exactly today I turned 40 years old (May 16, 2020), and will kidding aside I'm taking it seriously even though as the saying goes Life begins at 40. But how do we really begin when I wasn't been able to celebrate as planned due to the pandemic COVID-19 that hits the world and as of today Philippines currently holds the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia. That is something we shouldn't be proud of, yet be very careful in finding ways to flatten the curve.

A new beginning may sound scary and uneasy because starting is the hardest thing to do if you don't know what will be the result yet we have to keep on going with our lives and learn from the lockdown that took almost 2 months. With the prolonged Luzon-wide lockdown, Hotel Sogo realizes, even more, the importance of their core value –Pagmamalasakit. Even though a lot of businesses have closed down, Hotel Sogo continued its support to the frontliners and LGUs who risk fighting against COVID-19.  

As we work together to help flatten the curve by staying at home as COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, the number of cases has also escalated in the Philippines placing Filipino healthcare workers at the forefront to fight against the virus. Hotel Sogo, the largest hotel chain in the Philippines offered ten Hotel Sogo branches dedicated to doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare providers who need a place to rest and sleep until the end of the quarantine phase, for free.

Hotel Sogo New Normal Playbook

Hotel Sogo New Normal Playbook a compilation of new designs, facilities, policies, procedures, organizational setups, and process flows to ensure the safety and well-being of the public, in preparation for the lifting of the ECQ.

Hotel Sogo continuously implements precautionary measures such as temperature checking upon entering the hotel, placement of alcohol and hand sanitizers in common areas, and information dissemination on COVID-19 since December 2019. Hotel Sogo is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak as the management makes sure and strictly implements firm measures and enhanced cleaning protocols to prevent the transmission of the said virus. All employees and guests should pass the disinfection tent and all are subject to body temperature checks before entering the hotel.

A total of P80-million worth of donation or more than 800 room accommodations were given to healthcare workers, OFWs, and seafarers repatriates for free this is in coordination with 10 city mayors and 31 hospitals in the country. Read the article HERE.

  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation are also been applied in all its branches.

  • Temperature screening and disinfection mats upon entering the hotel. Uniforms of the hotel staff are redesigned to incorporate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Installation of the protective acrylic glass panel in the front desk. Social distancing at the front desk.
  • Hand Sanitizers in common areas. And information dissemination has been rolled out as well. Social distancing steps are also being taken seriously to prevent the spread of the virus. Social distancing with markers and limits of persons in elevators. 

  • Contactless hotel features (doors and elevators). No-contact facilities from lobby doors to toilet fixtures thru installing foot door opener and foot-controlled dispenser.

  • Constant disinfection in all amenities is also implemented

  • UVC light treatment is also modified in elevator consoles,  door handles,  keycard cases, cash register, and food preparation. Use of UVC disinfection light array cart in cleaning and disinfection of rooms and bathrooms. Studies show that the use of UVC, with wavelengths between 200 and 270 nanometres (nm), can kill microbes, germs, bacteria, and viruses. This has been adopted since the use of UVC is done in recent years and is also used in disinfecting hospitals as UVC kills pathogens and microorganisms. 

  • Hotel Sogo has created newly designed giveaways for guests such as no contact keys and sanitizers. The no-contact key serves as a tool in touching common objects like door handles, elevator buttons, and ATMs.

  • Hotel Sogo Mobile app is also up for contact tracing.

Truly, Hotel Sogo lives up to its so clean…so good and now so Safe. Maintaining the cleanliness and providing suitable accommodation to all making it your home away from home. And they do it as a TEAM.

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