Tuesday, July 11, 2017

THE FOODTRUCK MANILA QC The only multi-level food park concept in the entire nation!

From the capital city into the City of Stars, Quezon City, welcomes a MUST visit food stall that changes the food & entertainment landscape of Kamias Road, Quezon City. It is the only Food Park with the only multi-level food park in the entire nation. Opened just last June 17, 2017. Open from 11:00AM to 2:00AM.

It is the only Food Truck that differs from other food trucks in the making. There assurance of not getting wet even if it rains so hard because of its multi-layered concept, atrium design.

From the outside of The Foodtruck Manila, you will then immediately notice that it is so small but once you go inside its kinda huge because of the atrium design from the 4th floor all the way down you will see the performer in the middle. 

Also the skylight even in the night if the moon is bright you will even see the stars above. And the roofing is irrited the purpose of it is the engineering purpose, hot air goes up and goes out while the cold air from the side comes in and circulate inside the foodpark.
Mr. Joni Cabrera, Managing Director of The Foodtruck Manila-QC

Why The Foodtruck Manila-QC?

  • The only multi-level food park in the entire nation
  • 32 food stalls
  • 4 entertainment area such as Beer Pongs, Dart, Karaoke, etc., (Coming Soon)
  • No 2 food stalls are alike for the reason that the owner is protecting the stall owners to have their type of same food.
  • 20 Parking Slots
  • Area is accessible going to and from like.... from Kamuning to Kamias to Maginhawa and to Cubao
  • Food Stalls are from available to chose from are the Visayas to Mindanao food at the Foodtruck
  • Separate floors for booze drinking and or segregated floors for the security of the children
  • Air-conditioned Comfort Rooms for each floor with enough soap and tissue
  • Live performances
  • Seating capacity is around 500 to 600.

The strategic location is the gateway to Maginhawa, 700 meters, 100 meters from Kalayaan going towards the City Hall, even V. Luna General Hospital and not that much traffic in the area. 600 meters away from Edsa.
 *Photo credits Anne Purificacion
*Photo credits Lariza Garcia

Normally food parks are open at night but with The foodtruck is already open to serve lunch especially if there's a special occasion but in The Foodtruck Manila they already serve lunch before you crave and fell hungry as early as 11AM.

Here are the different tenants that surely serves yummy food!

Cafe-UK Co
Aside from The Foodtruck Manila-QC branch have you visited any of their Dapitan and Mendiola branches already for a daily dose of freshly vacuum-brewed “energy in a cup” isn’t just their priority but they strive to be your #1 go-to place for your caffeine fix. The café is decked with a multitude of bar stools, cushioned chairs, couches, electric outlets, and 60 x 100 cm drafting tables for those who need to do their plates while enjoying their own cup of joe. Plus they also have a naturally ventilated smoking lounge. Embedded iPad units in their café tables with free 10 Mbps Wi-Fi. Hot, iced, blended, decaffeinated, or with an extra shot of espresso; whichever way you want your coffee, they definitely have something for your taste buds. And if you’re not so much of a coffee person, they also have tea-based drinks. Choose from their wide array of cakes and pastries as well. All of their products are patterned to your own liking.
Chocolate Cake
Dulce de Leche Cheese Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Cookies and Cream Cake
Smores Cake
Green Matcha Cheese Cake
Cakes - Php 145.00
Ala Mode Cake - Php 175.00

Longga Nation
Longganisa, Silog, Atbp.
 Longga Sisig - Php 180.00
 Assorted Longganisa - Php 180.00
Longsilog - Php 100.00

A homegrown branded fast food restaurant chain that offers the best Texan and Mexican all time favorites through our unique and delicious signature food items. People on the go who wants to experience great Texan and Mexican food selections. Feature 2 main dish categories: Texan and Mexican. The Texan menu includes an array of authentic Texan steaming sandwiches and mouth-watering burger. The Mexican menu offers fresh and healthy burritos, tacos, salad, quesadilla and our signature tortilla chip. Food varieties are aimed to surpass customer expectations by serving only piping hot meals; healthy ingredients, herbs and spices; farm fresh vegetables. All at a very affordable price.
El Granada - Php 170.00
 Nachos - Php 140.00
 Quesadillas - Php 140.00
 Salchicho - Php 160.00
Buffalo Wings (Cajun Barbeque) - Php 190.00
 Buffalo Wings (Cajun Barbeque and Garlic Parmesan) - Php 190.00

Chef Resty's Roast Beef
Chef Resty's Roastbeef offers you a gourmet dish at a price you can afford.
Combo Meal Roast Beef with Corn & Carrots with Spaghetti - Php 170.00

 Grilled Pork BBQ - Php 200.00 (Php 22.00 piece)
Grilled Tuna Panga - Php 230.00

Patata Madness
Fries Flavors (Cheese, Sour Cream and BBQ)

Cheesy Mozzarella Sticks - Php 170.00

ROX Gastropub
Offers the best pizzas, wings, nachos etc in town! And don't forget the ever so important cocktails and liquors!
Cheesesteak Pizza - Php 260.00

Goto King
It's fast, it's Filipino, it's Goto King! Laging mainit, laging masarap! GOTO KING Philippines was founded in 1984 and has been for the past 29 years the nation's leading Pinoy-oriented fast-food chain, offering customers the best Pinoy fast-food with its flagship Goto products along with many other Pinoy meriendas and meals such as beef tapa, pancit palabok, halo-halo, and many more!
 Fresh Lumpia - Php 50.00
 La Paz Batchoy - Php 85.00
 Arroz Caldo Special - Php 85.00
 Fried Lumpia - Php 43.00
Dinuguan with Puto - Php 85.00

Captain Marley and The Seafood Island
An all-seafood themed stall that has grown popular because of their large butterfly squid. They also have fish and chips, seafood gambas, cereal prawns, and more.
Large Butterfly Squid - Php 179.00

Takumi Korean Fusion
 Budae Jigae (Army Stew Hot Pot) - Php 199.00
Jap Chae - Php 150.00

Isaw at iba pa
Different grilled pork and chicken meat and instestines.
Platter - Php 599.00

Pong's Bonuan Bangus
Delicious variety of cooked Milkfish. Tinapang Bangus my favorite :)
Relyenong Bangus - Php 270.00
Tinapang Bangus - Php 230.00
Pork Embotido - Php 220.00

What's Up Dough?
Because Dreams Dough Come True!
Glazed Churros - Php 150.00
Hongkong Bubble Waffles - Php 80.00

 Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich - Php 220.00
Rib Eye - Php 290.00

Wenzyl Humba & Sutukil
They have the best Humba and Sutukil combinations and of course all-time famous Cebu Boneless Lechon.
Sutukil Php 380.00
Fish Kinilaw of Iligan City - Php 150.00
Humba - Php 180.00 / Humba with Rice - Php 110.00

 Eats A Thai
Khao Pad - Php 239.00
Thai Chicken Breast - Php 249.00

#Sumo Chef
Sumo Ramen - Php 220.00
Sumo Spicy Roll - Php 150.00 (8pcs)
California Maki - Php 150.00 (8pcs)

Curt Kebob
From Mumbai to Pakistan & now in Manila! All the best food you can imagine from these exotic sides of the world. Where healthy meets delicious
Pita Wrap (Beef Shawarma Wrap) - Php 95.00
Kebob Platter - Php 599.00
YoCurt - Php 100 (Strawberry) / Php 80.00 (Milk)

Adobo House
Offers a different version of our well-loved Adobo from the Regions of the Philippines and other parts of the World.
 Adobo sa Gata
Jakarta Style Pork Chop Duo - Php 180.00
Batangas Beef Bulalo - Php 220.00

El Papi Chulo Cubano
The Revolution of Cuban food...
to enthrall your delectable cravings!
Paella Havana - Php 325.00

#OMGStrawberry, #IKRChocolait, #XoXoAvocado, #YOLOMango, #FTWCookies&Cream - Php 148.00

 Oh! Ribs - Php 195.00
Seafood Pesto - Php 365.00

We're all in this together (The complete craft bun selection 4 sliders served with kamote ships) - Php 250.00

Sun Kian Chinese Cuisine
Caters authentic Chinese cuisines. All their rice meals are served on a sizzling plate!
 Chinese Spicy Pork Ribs - Php 169.00
Beef Broccoli - Php 169.00

Tusok Na Tusok Kinawali Street Food
Buko Station


Didn't you feel hungry after seeing all the yummy and delicious food? What are you waiting for go now at The Foodtruck Manila-QC located at 63 Kamias Road Corner K-1 Street. Quezon City, Philippines.


  • Come Hungry and Go Home Full and Happy with your Family and Friends! ^_^