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I Love Beaches and whenever i hear the city of Coron, Palawan i only have one thing in mind "The Beautiful Beaches" surrounding it. But to my surprise Coron don't just embodies beautiful beaches but a lot more in which we had experienced and discovered with my #TeamByaherosMNL. I will take you to a 4 days adventure of our journey in Coron, Palawan. Enjoy! :)

Coron is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines, comprising the eastern half of Busuanga Island, all of Coron Island and about 50 other minor islets stretching as far as Tara Island in the north-east and Canipo Island in the south.

But before i proceed with all that has to do with our Coron, Palawan adventure let me introduce my #TeamByaherosMNL firs:

Coron, is one of the municipalities of Palawan and forms part of the Calamianes Group of Islands. The Municipality has a total area of 69,247.1460 hectares. It is divided into 23 barangays. Based on the 2007 National Census result, the Municipality has a total population of 40,007 with population density of 57 persons per sq. km.
Francisco B. Reyes Airport Busuanga – Coron, Palawan

Francisco B. Reyes Airport formerly Busuanga Airport is an airport serving the general area of Coron, located on Busuanga Island in the province of Palawan, the Philippines. It is also shared with the neighboring municipality of Busuanga, located on the western half of the island. Since November 10, 2008, the airport has been named after Francisco B. Reyes, the mayor of Coron from 1936 to 1939 who donated the land that forms the current airport complex. 

Coron is halfway between the City of Puerto Princesa and Manila. Because of its insular characteristics, boats and planes are the main transportation facilities to and from the above cities. Motorized bancas on the other hand transport people and merchandise from and between barangays and neighboring towns.
After our arrival we then fetch up and traveled almost an hour to go to our first destination Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort, which has been our first haven for our first day.
Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort is located in Popototan Island/Busuanga, 50 km. from Coron City, a marine protected area, far from civilization with a beautiful house reef in front of the resort.
It is best loved for divers and well admired by tourist who loves snorkeling because of its marine sanctuary. And if you're looking for a place that is stress free, quite and nothing but the nature's humming of the birds in the morning and just the wave of the sea well then Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort is the perfect location for you to have your vacation.

Whats so surprising in Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort is their rate even though the location is situated in a remote island resort surrounded by the abundant marine life on the coral reef they offer a very affordable rate and I myself was surprise to find out that with their 19 guest rooms and cottages, all situated on a beautiful white sand with direct access to the sea, pristine reef and calm waters. The resort locality is sheltered by small islands so there are no waves and water currents. From a Bay View Room/Beach Cottage that cost Php 3,500.00 (Low Season) and Php 3,900.00 (High Season) only for an overnight stay to their highest rate of Sea View Beach Private Cottage DeLuxe + Aircon that cost Php 6,900.00 (Low Season) and Php 7,500.00 (High Season).

Our Room shared with Couple Aci & Oscar

Their Rooms and cottages are modern Philippines inspire culture decorated with bamboo for walling but in a comfortable atmosphere. But I tell you if you're a couple who just got married or having your honeymoon Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort is a perfect place for you because you get to enjoy a silent moment and serene environment away from the noise and crowded venue.

List of Activities:
Island Hopping 
SCUBA Diving 
Jungle Trekking
Pool Table
Giant Chess Board 
Library and Television Room 
Souvenir Shop

They run their power generator from 6PM to 6AM. Plus no need to worry about water supply because when we arrived I immediately had my shower and there was plenty of water on which is coming from the mountain spring. Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort are situated on a private island close to historical World War II Japanese Shipwrecks which is one of the world’s famous dive spots. They follow PADI safety standard. Though we didn't get the chance to try out their diving activity I know for sure it would have been a great experience. Just a simple tip though they have a restaurant on the island it's a bit expensive because they travel it all the way to the island so it's a must to those whose in a travel budget or backpacker to bring some canned goods or pre-cooked meal but then, however, they offer a free coffee, not that's a good thing.

Note: Just be careful with different sea creatures because I had only seen some of it for the first time.

You can book via their email address: booking@coralbay.ph
How to get there:

  • Via Plane PAL, Cebu Pacific, and Sky Jet fly every day from Manila to Busuanga. Since I have my own ticketing we booked via my portal for a Cebu Pacific early flight onward and a late afternoon flight on our return. It's always good to book an early flight going to any destinations and as well as book a late flight on the return for a worth its long stay in any destinations.
  • Via Sea, i believe there's 2Go ride Manila to Coron and Puerto Princesa every Tuesdays and Friday and departs from Coron to Manila every Thursday. 

2nd Day

After our breakfast from Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort and after we bid goodbye to a very worth returning experience in an island where I first felt I was indeed in an island we then ride a boat say way when we went there. And then transferred in a van to hid to the town proper for our next itinerary for the day. 

Everything is my first with the activities we had from snorkeling at Siete Picados and Twin Lagoon. Siete Pecados came from the word "Seven Sins", I saw countless of fishes and the bottom is covered with hard corals. I was a bit scared at first to step into the water because I am really scared especially when one of our companions shouted "Jelly Fish"... but when I was already swimming and seeing how beautiful the underwater scenes are I was already enjoying it.
I suggest before you go to Siete Picados take with you your snorkel gear, bread for the fishes, and an underwater camera. It’s just too beautiful that you would want to capture everything that you see. You don't even need to step out of the boat because the water is too clear that you can almost see all the different fish swimming under the sea.

Next Stop is at Twin Lagoon with a big blue sky above and the water beneath separated by a small opening with big limestone cliffs. Combinations of fresh water and salt water that gives a blurry effect and the temperature also differs in some places it is cold, while in others, the water is hot. It’s one of the tourist attractions from Busuanga, managed by an indigenous tribe living there. It's  a must add to your itinerary you wouldn't wanna miss. From my experience, I suggest you should wear a life jacket, as the water gets really deep in some places, which I felt a bit creepy plus the different temperature of water. To be honest I find the water very very strange. There was even a part of oil but when I went to the another side it's also a different thing really strange. It's unexplainable but I had experience it all.

A lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by barrier islands or reefs. Lagoons are commonly divided into coastal lagoons and atoll lagoons. They have also been identified as occurring on mixed-sand and gravel coastlines. There is an overlap between bodies of water classified as coastal lagoons and bodies of water classified as estuaries. Lagoons are common coastal features around many parts of the world. So that explains everything about the meaning of Lagoon...

Next stop is at Banol Beach where we enjoyed our Lunchtime, perfect beachfront to eat your lunch or even breakfast... We even had our Mini Pageant where most of the "Boys" enjoyed.

Banol Beach has a powdery white sand and crystal clear waters located at the bottom of a very tall limestone cliffside. Usually the lunch spot for island hopping tours.

After a yummy lunch and a pageant, we then went to our next destination and last destination for the day... Kayangan Lake.  And I only have one thing on min and that is the most famous and known view to take your selfie with...

A lot of travelers said you can never justify that you went to Coron, Palawan if you did not take a photo with the Kayangan View. And the only way to get to the spot where you can have your selfie is by walking to the majestic creature of Mother Nature you will notice the stairs are not that too safe though but is challenging to step with.

Once you get to the top you will then discover the reason why you need to walk many steps to go uphill because a rewarding and magical I must say the view is worth all the sweat and exercise walkathon. Ok but wait you're done with the uphill now the downhill walking moment is much easier, a few steps are needed to reach the lake.

Water is inviting to swim or to snorkel the fish will come swimmin' with you they are barely seen down there. But i recommend you were a slipper or flipflop if Kayangan Lake is included on your itinerary. A must visit island hopping tour.

After a tiring yet fun and adventurous day we then check-in to our designated accommodation to take a quick bath and relax a bit before we have our dinner.

We stayed at Haven 1916 Bed and Breakfast, it's a 3 story accommodation situated in the heart of Coron, Palawan but nestled in a quiet avenue with peace and privacy, the charming guest house is the perfect to escape to and relax in after exploring the wonders of Coron, Palawan.

Haven 1916 Bed and Breakfast offers fully air-conditioned, comfortable and spacious rooms provided with LCD cable TV and safety deposit boxes. The en-suite bathrooms are equipped with hot and cold shower amenities.

They provide free wireless internet access inside and outside rooms. Follow their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/Havennineteensixteen/.

We had our dinner at Santino's Grill one of the Best Ribs and Seafood in town serves lunch and dinner just 5 minutes tricycle ride from town to Pantalan.

Located at 37 Brgy. Tagumpay, Coron Town Proper, Coron, Palawan. Their baby back ribs cost only Php 500.00. Here is the list of foods we ate and ow my one of the best.

Baby Back Ribs with Sour Cream Onion Dip and with Seasoned Fries on
Php 300.00 (Half) / Php 500.00 (Full)
Crispy Liempo with Garlic Vinaigrette Dip - Php 180.00
Grilled Tuna Salad with Tamarind BalsamicDressing - Php 285.00
Sinigang na Maya-Maya sa Mangga - Php 290.00
Seafood Curry Express (Shrimp, Squid and Tuna Nuggets) Php 265.00
Ube-Nangka Turon ala Mode (Banana fritters with purple yum and jackfruit and topped with local queso sorbetes - Php 100.00
Drinks - Php 195.00 each for 1.5 liter
Citrus Blast
Freckled Lemonade

Follow Santino's Grill Facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/santinosgrill/.

Day 3
We woke up early because our call time is as early as 5AM we only stayed few hours at Haven 1916 Bed & Breakfast for a few hours. We ride in a Van and went directly to our next destination for the day which is one of the highlights other than Day 2 which is already the best but I believe Day 3 is also promising one. We are going to Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

  Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary

I had never been in a Safari before well maybe Manila Zoo but Safari is a different one because I believe it's alive and face to face interaction with the animals without a barrier and without a fence between man and human, though some of the animals are still in their cage.

The epic Jeep the only transportation inside Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Next destination is at Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary it is a wildlife sanctuary with a 3,700-hectare island in the Calamian Islands chain that lies off the coast of Palawan in the MIMAROPA region of the Philippines.

Here are the animals we had encountered at Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is known for its wildlife sanctuary with a substantial population of African animals, including giraffes, zebras, and antelopes, as well as local fauna that all roam freely in a game reserve created by former President Ferdinand Marcos in the 1970s.

Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary is such a precious place to go but however as I had experienced and observed they need attention for a better proper care of the sanctuary, I hope the government could at least spare some budget for the animals and the Island.

Next destination is North Cay Island, my personal favorite Island I could even leave here without the gadgets and internet connection I find haven in this Island, I fell in love with the Island. If I had millions in my account I would have bought North Cay.

We had our lunch at North Cay Island and spent the afternoon

I love the breeze of air on the Island, I love the texture of the white sand, I love the Beach, I love the size of the Island, I love the cottages which are open for an overnight stay, I love North Cay Island.

It was a heavy heart when we left North Cay Island as I bid farewell to the Island that captures my heart I whispered to the cool breeze of the air that I shall return.....

After a tiring day, we then went to our new accommodation at Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort a secluded, peaceful and free atmosphere accommodation near Coron Town. But before we finally sleep tot he bamboo inspired room we then got invited to have dinner with some of the respected people in the Municipalities. Dinner took place in Darayonan.

After a tiring day and a sumptuous dinner at Darayonan, we then went to our new accommodation at Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort a secluded, peaceful and free atmosphere accommodation near Coron Town. Sleep in Native Huts and Cottages. 

Day 4

We wake up early with the humming of the birds and cool breeze from the trees now this is province life and nature indeed. At Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort some of our co-bloggers went early at the airport for their early return in Manila, while we stayed at Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort since our return flight is in the afternoon.

We stayed in this room perfect for family or group of Barkada's with comfy bed and shared kitchen perfect to cook some kinds of seafood from the Market near the Villa.

Here are other rooms to stay in Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort

And a lot of activities and natures to enjoy at Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort

Sleep in native Filipino huts and cottages that are simple, clean, cool, fresh and comfortable. Secluded yet only five minutes ride from town.

Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort Restaurant and Souvenir Shop

The cottages are beautifully designed with native materials blended with high-quality tiled floors. Each cottage has a terrace and ensuite toilet and showers. Numerous trees provide shades and cool air and have become home to various special of birds. Wake up to their musical tweets, chirps, and coos.

Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort is 5 minutes away to Coron Airport via private car drive.

Manila: (02) 404.4784
Subic: (047) 252.9978
*except for Christmas Day and New Years Day

Every journey is always best shared and experience with your special someone, your whole family and even with your friends. Every journey is more than climbing high mountains or swimming the deep sea or running with the animals but more than anything it was the laughter, the fun moments shared the silent peace and once in a while on our journey we became like kids freely enjoying God's gift in the form of nature... Beautiful nature. I long to come back and hope to visit another destination spot in Palawan such as El Nido and Puerto Prinsesa that is something I am looking forward to.

Thank you to the group of tour guide who accompanied us took good care of us and had a lot of laughter's with their sense of humor to ease away the scaredness within each one of us while on the boat :) and the different accommodating staff from the different accommodations we stayed on their hospitality showed what Filipinos really are may it be local or foreign travelers.

And of course to my #TeamByaherosMNL first time to have the tour with them and I believe though we all collide looking forward to our next adventure! ^_^

For your bookings and flights feel free to contact me will surely love to accommodate you with budget quotations please do contact me at 09262063959 and email me at leomy_0516@yahoo.com and follow https://www.facebook.com/LeomyTravelAndTours/.