Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Troika Resto Art Gallery: Dine ~ Paint ~ Chill

Dine ~ Paint ~ Chill

Troika is an inspiring restaurant, combining a delightful atmosphere with excellent and interesting food and crafts.

Got the opportunity to dine, paint and chill last January at Troika Restaurant from one of Openrice Eats A Date Food Tasting Event. Which is located just a bit of walking distance in fron ot UST.

Here are some of the delicious food on their Menu!

Potato Bomb
 Troika Burger
Chili con quezo nachos
Pizza Pizza Fries
Troika Sardines
Classic Carbonara
Paella ala Valenciana
Grilled Chicken Pesto
Creamy Bacon Ziti

One of the main attractions forms the restaurants are the arts and music that people who get inside will surely experience.

One of the co-owners of Troika who humbly entertains us during the Eats A Date.
With the staff and crew of Troika

I would have to say my overall experience was relaxing and mind gazing, in a way that I kinda thought of myself as an artist inside Troika's Restaurant.
  • Everything is inside the restaurant no..... 
  • You get to dine...
  • You get to listen to live bands and get to play the instruments as well...
  • You get to become an artist by painting a canvas which is readily available to purchase...
  • You get to take selfierific photos inside from the different arts....
  • And best of all you get to pay what your money deserves and all worth it...
  • Plus get to enjoy with your friends, classmates, lovers, and family...

For more information about Troika here is their details:
Troika Resto Art Gallery
823 Extremadura St. Brgy. 460 Zone 45 Sampaloc, Manila