Sunday, November 15, 2020

Let's celerate Koomi's birthday with a Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake!

Our body needs to have a healthy amount of ''good'' bacteria in the digestive tract, and many yogurts are made using active good bacteria. One of the words you’ll be hearing more of in relation to yogurt is ''probiotics.'' Probiotic, which literally means ''for life,'' refers to living organisms that can result in a health benefit when eaten in adequate amounts. The health benefits of yogurt are so impressive that many health-conscious people make it a daily habit. Yogurt is one of the oldest and most popular fermented foods around the world. 

Koomi Ph

Koomi Ph

Koomi Ph
Originating from Australia, Koomi lets everyone enjoy natural drinking yogurt with various delicious and fresh ingredients! Koomi has set foot in Thailand, and now in the Philippines to spread #GuiltlessGoodness to let every Filipino experience indulgence without the guilt! Koomi is bannered by their Natural Drinking Yogurt freshly made daily added with quality and delightfully healthy ingredients. 

1.Probiotic Yogurt
  • Delicious probiotic yogurt to aid your digestive system
2.Healthier Alternative
  • We use a natural sweetener – fruit honey!
3.Fresh Yogurt & Fruits Daily
  • Yogurt made fresh daily and fresh fruits delivered to ensure fresh, delicious, and quality products you will enjoy

Koomi's drinks price ranges from Php 120.00 to Php 135.00. Add ons ranges from Php 15.00 to Php 30.00.

Every cup of Koomi is made fresh daily to give you a healthy, guilt-free, and delicious experience. 

This November 16, Koomi celebrates its first birthday by introducing its new Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake Layers of yogurt, strawberry, watermelon, and gluten-free almond dacquoise, topped with crunchy pistachio nuts for that mouth-watering, satisfyingly guilt-free taste experience. Plus, it’s definitely selfie-worthy! 

Koomi's Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake Layers

Koomi's Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake Layers

Koomi's Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake Layers

Koomi's Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake Layers

Koomi's Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake Layers

Koomi offers guilt-free goodness in every drink. 

Koomi's Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake Layers

Koomi Ph

Koomi gives their first 100 Koomikadas in each store o taste of this treat for only Pl on November 16. Afterwhich, this #GuiltlessGoodness can be purchased daily at an introductory price of P220 only.

(L-R) Ahtisa Manalo, Bb Pilipinas International 2018; John-Michael Hilton – CEO, Koomi; Andrew Ner, Koomi COO

Mr. John-Michael Hilton said Koomi will be opening more stores in the Metro and by the end of 2020, plans to have twenty stores and opening more stores by 2021.

Join the Koomi Klub!

Koomi Klub

  • Get your Koomi Klub Card and Register
  • Keep on earning points when you use your Koomi Klub card
  • Get 5% cashback points and enjoy free Koomi drinks!
  • More Koomi perks Kooming Soon!

See you all on November 16, and let's celebrate Koomi's first Birthday with a Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake!

For more fruitful and healthy drinks from Koomi Ph check out their website at, and follow their Facebook Page at, and Instagram Account at So make sure to Koomi Koomikadas!

Happy Birthday, Koomi Ph!

Thursday, November 5, 2020

DAMPA EXPRESS Seafood Paluto & Grill Ang Pambansang Seafood for all!

"Our strength is that we've tried to do away with all the inconveniences and complications of most seafood restaurants. We've dared to go against the trend of posh high-brow exclusivity. Our outlets are not fancy restaurants, so people feel welcome and comfortable, but they're air-conditioned. And, we have an enclosed videoke room for small family gatherings, like birthdays and baptismal celebrations. Customers do not have to spend too much money on live seafood, worry about picking the right shellfish or getting the weight of crabs for your family, and wait a long time for your orders to be cooked. We want customers to feel comfortable. So, we advise them to make reservations if they plan to dine in on Fridays and Sundays because they might not find enough seats if they walk-in. We have no solo meals and we do not compete with fast food outlets. We aren't a fancy restaurant but we've intentionally veered away with fast food value meals and rice toppings. What we have are bilao (large woven tray) sets that at Php 1,100.00 is more than a bargain for 3 to 4 people. And you can upsize that to a killer bilao, our top of the line bestseller, except for sauce-based dishes. If you're curious about what makes our cooking tick, there's really no secret to it. We just cook seafood the dampa (cottage) style, plus we don't stock. What's delivered today will be out by end of the day. So, everything is as fresh as they can get." ~Simon Lim Jr., Dampa Express Owner Continues to Hold the Title od "Dampa King"
Dampa Express

One fact about me is that I Love Seafood especially shrimp and crab, as well as milkfish, squid, oyster, and lobster that I had only yet eaten once during our cruise and loved it right away. And the best way to really enjoy a seafood boodle fight with the whole family is by eating barehand getting those hands messy and licking all the sauces making me feel craving for a seafood bilao right now.....

There’s no doubt that fish is a vital protein with plenty of brain-boosting, heart-loving, inflammation-busting nutrients. Eating seafood helps prevent some 54,000 deaths from heart disease and stroke each year. 

Did you know that the'res a go-to place restaurant that's affordable, fast, and convenient seafood a la carte treats even during and despite the pandemic! And that is Dampa Express which is getting bigger and better in the new normal. Making Seafood accessible to people.

Dampa Express

Dampa Express is now on their  4rth year in the business but going 30th on their branches nationwide. Mr. Simon said during the pandemic while some restaurants went into closing, they gained x3 of their sales and he also mentioned that they're about to open 7 branches from Batangas, Cavite, to Pangasinan, and a lot more. This phenomenal brainchild of Simon Lim, Jr, and his best friend Ronald Lledan, is going on 30 branches, of which 10 are provincial franchises and 10 are company-owned. He used to go about pushing a cart then when he started supplying all Dampa Express branches, he has able to buy a pedicab, and now, he's driving a car. From the fruit of Mr. Lim's labors, they're able to open a private resort in Pampanga, with a giant crab image as a tribute to their success: katas ng alimango (the fruit of selling crabs). 

Mr. Simon Lim Jr. and Ron Iledan of Dampa Express

Dampa Express average riches 5 tons or 5,000 kilos of crabs a week. Dampa Express is 90% Filipino featuring their bilao style from Pangasinan. They make the biggest order for crabs in this part of the world. At one time, their orders reached P10.5M worth of crabs..... holy crab. They get their source of seafood all the way from Capiz and Zamboanga if there is an airline and if the weather is good, and sometimes from Pampanga. Mr. Simon Lim, Jr, make it a point to source everything they use and serve from fellow Filipinos. For instance, all their itlog na maalat (called duck's egg) and bilao are from Pampanga. They're 100% Pinoy to give back to the community.

This unprecedented success as an innovative seafood restaurant that pioneered "Affordability, accessibility, and accelerated service" in the Philippines has earned Simon Lim, Jr, the title of Dampa King. But did you know that Simon Lim, Jr, don't cook and neither don't eat crabs? He has been called MrAlimango, MrDampa, Crab King, or Dampa King because he has successfully brought Dampa Express to communities and expanded on the dampa concept.

Dampa Express

Dampa Express

Usually before if we have relatives abroad who come home for vacation we Filipinos usually take them to Dampa those near in MOA or any Dampa restaurants, but now you can eat seafood that's not too pricey yet affordable pangmasa. Dampa Express wanted to offer and bring their seafood offerings to the people in a convenient and not so pricey way.

Since dine-in is limited still in most restaurants, they venture into delivery and glad to know that they're boosting during the pandemic up until the new normal. Customers just simply dial Dampa Express hotline or message them for home deliveries. Mr. Lim said he thought he'd lose everything during the pandemic, but to his surprise sales grew exponentially with greater demand for deliveries. It turned out that seafood is pandemic proof.

With only the Greenhills branch closing shop for reasons not related to the lockdown, the restaurant chain had let go of 100 people overall given that branches had to temporarily suspend operations. Thus, Dampa Express continues to operate on 300 employees who receive the minimum wage plus all the government-mandated benefits they deserve as food service workers.

Dampa Express

Dampa Express meals are priced and prepared for families. It's known as the original house of seafood bilaos. It's interesting, however, that Dampa Express's specialty, alimangosabilao (crabs in large woven trays) was discovered by accident. Now, alimangosabilao gets from 50 to 100 orders on an ordinary day to 200-250 orders on special occasions like Mother's Day, on holidays, and during the Christmas season December, ringing in a total of P300K at its peak.

Dampa Express Menu

Dampa Express Bilao

A lawyer friend ordered crabs and for lack of a better packaging for the crabs, had it delivered in a large woven tray. He took a picture of the generous serving and posted it on social media. The post generated a lot of likes and bombarded him with inquiries, so they started using that packaging to represent their brand the seafood in bilao.

Dampa Express Bilao
Dampa Express Bilao

Dampa Express Bilao

Mixed Crab and Shrimp
Dampa Express Mixed Crab and Shrimp Bilao

Dampa Express Mixed Crab and Shrimp Bilao

Dampa Express Mixed Crab and Shrimp Bilao

Baked Tahong and Oyster
Dampa Express Baked Tahong and Oyster

Pusit Lumot
Dampa Express Pusit Lumot

Grilled Tuna Panga
Dampa Express Grilled Tuna Panga

Adobong Pusit
Dampa Express Adobong Pusit

Halaan in Ginger Soup
Dampa Express Halaan in Ginger Soup

Dampa Express Dampansit

Dampa Express Chopsuey

Crispy Pata
Dampa Express Crispy Pata

Dampa Express Menu

Dampa Express Menu

Dampa Express Menu

Dampa Express Menu

Dampa Express Menu

Dampa Express is now accepting franchise and partnership applications nationwide and overseas as well. For the full menu, reservation, delivery, and more information, please call 0917 5311703 or +632 79441036 or visit on Instagram and on Facebook.

Dampa Express

To date, Dampa Express serves around 2,000 customers daily in all their branches combined. Dampa Express Seafood Paluto & Grill brings you traditional dampa recipes at affordable prices. Mura, mabilis at masarap


You can also conveniently order via Foodpanda and Lalafood.

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