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Australian Grassfed Beef on the Menu Culinary Trail 2017

The Australian Embassy in the Philippines and Meat and Livestock Australia invited me to be part of the Australian Grassfed Beef on the Menu Culinary Trail 2017 from June 27 to July 6. A culinary adventure as Manila’s finest restaurants serves up specially-created menus featuring premium Australian grassfed beef.

Australian grassfed beef is good in every way. Raised in pastures, Australian grassfed beef has a natural beefy and flavorful taste. It is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids fats mostly found in fish which are generally regarded as healthful, which is important for a healthy heart. It has less saturated fat, making it a great component of a healthy diet.

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely invites diners to experience the different ways Australian grassfed beef is prepared in customised menus by the participating restaurants -from steaks, meat pies, burgers, pasta dishes, among others, served in a la carte and buffet menus.

Grassfed Beef usually has higher concentrations of some nutrients: antioxidants, some vitamins, and it also has less fat overall. The way cows are fed can have a major effect on the nutrient composition of the beef. Many studies have shown that the nutrients in beef can vary depending on what the cows eat.

Australia is the leading source of grassfed beef, as 97% of its cattle are grassfed. Australian grassfed beef is considered as the healthier beef, as it is naturally low in fat and cholesterol while offering a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids known to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

I am well prepared that day when we had our Grassfed Beef Trail, I knew for a fact that we will be going to different restaurants to another and I got excited because I am a foodie person and I love to blog anything that has to do with Gastronomy.

A culinary experience awaits diners in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao as over 60 restaurants participate in the second Australian Grass Fed Beef on the Menu Promotion. The first Australian grassfed beef experience was offered to Manila diners in 2015 but this year, it has been expanded outside Manila.

I don't know much about Beef but I know it is an expensive and indeed delicious meal to eat. And I am privileged to be part of the Trail 6 batch with 4 restaurants we had toured such as:

The True Grill
The True Grill Meat Lovers' Cafe Utilizing the superior quality of the Melbourne Prime Gourmet meat selection, The True Grill Meat Lovers' Cafe was opened to the public featuring Chef-inspired variants of classic steak dishes as well as steak sandwiches including Angus Roast Beef, Cheesesteak. Tenderloin and Club Sandwiches. The Cafe recently introduced its 100% Pure Angus Gourmet Burgers. For busy Executives, the Cafe' also introduced Quick Meals and Take-Out Menus, Soup and Pasta Specials.
RLGC Foods Enterprises (RLGC) started operations in September 2009. It is a fully-accredited and licensed importer of meat and meat products, and it is also the exclusive importer and distributor of high-grade Australian beef under the brand name "Melbourne Prime." RLGC's sister company in Australia, Melbourne Prime Kood Exports, is responsible for choosing and testing the finest beef in Australia in strict compliance with rigid international quality and food safety standards.

The True Grill Grassfed Beef Menu
Roast Beef Sandwich
 Ribeye Steak
 Ribeye Roast Beef
 Angus Beef Tapa
Hibachi Steak
Striploin Steak
As shown in the photo the beef is much juicier and well cooked and very tender, mouthwatering and I Love it......

Hyatt City of Dreams: Red Ginger
Upper Ground Floor, accessible via the Upper Gaming Floor and The Shops at the Boulevard, Hyatt City of Dreams.
*Photo credits Hyatt City of Dreams

The restaurant is recognized as one of the top 20 best restaurants in Philippine Tatler’s Best Restaurants Guide in 2016 and one of the more than 100 best restaurants in the said guide’s 2017 edition.
With Red Ginger Chef Sam Kin Hue

All-day dining is available at Red Ginger, a Southeast Asian-inspired bistro, bar and café which features an extensive menu of regional dishes with two distinct zones: the Café Lounge and Bar Zone; and the A La Carte dining area, offering breakfast and all-day dining a la carte menu.

The Charred Beef Salad, Beef Rendang, Spiced Freshwater King Prawns, and Nasi Goreng are some of the restaurant’s recommended dishes.


Red Ginger’s signature dessert The Peanut is acclaimed as one of the finest sweet treats in Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle Best Desserts Book 3. 

Red Ginger Grassfed Beef Menu
Salt and Pepper Tofu (Vegetarian Dish)
Twice-cooked silken tofu with crispy garlic, shallots, and crushed native black pepper
Australian Grass-fed Beef Satay
Sambal matah, roasted eggplant, crispy shallots

Char-grilled Australian Grass-fed Mulwarri Beef Tenderloin Steak
Balado sauce, hand-cut potato wedges, and wok-tossed green beans
Beef Massaman Curry
Slow-cooked Australian grass-fed beef oyster blade with fragrant cashew and spice paste coconut cream
Vietnamese Beef “Luc Lac” 
(Wok Flamed Australian Grass Fed Beef Cube Roll with Watercress & Rocket Salad)
Stir-Fried Snow Peas, Soya Sprouts, Baby Corn, and Chives
The Peanut

Roasted red peanuts, vanilla ice cream, lime meringue, and salted caramel peanut butter

A high volume, affordable, contemporary dining restaurant operating 24 hours-a-day. The restaurant features popular Southeast Asian inspired dishes, bistro, bar and café.


Blackbird brings an exciting dining destination tot he historic Nielson Tower in the Ayala Triangle at the heart of Makati. Once the country's first commercial airport, the site has been lavishly redeveloped whilst maintaining the integrity of the original art deco design. Blackbird offers an ambiance and approach to service that focuses on the warmth of Filipino hospitality.

The stunning main oval dining room of Blackbird is filled with light during the day. The high ceilings and well-spaced tables and lightness to the room. 

The evening brings with it a sense of elegance and glamour with the art deco features of the room highlighted with soft mood lighting, a dramatic spiral staircase leads guests to the cabin.

Their Alfresco dining space features an open wooden deck and a covered terrace at the rear of the building. Two bars and a spacious lounge area make this a great venue for a pre or post dinner drink or a relaxed informal dinner. 

A great place to meet for cocktails before dinner whether at the Eramosa Marble and brass bar or in the velvet-clad sofas and jewel-toned armchairs of the chic lounge. 

Blackbird Grassfed Beef Menu
 Australian Grass Fed Beef Tartare, Asian Pear, and Miso with Nori Crisp
Php 580.00
Potato Gnocchi with Australian Grass Fed Beef Shortrib and porcini ragout
Php 680.00
 Australian Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Fine Beans and Horseradish Gratin
Php 1,200.00
 Chef Kerwin Go

Aperitivo with complimentary savory snacks is served everyday from 5PM to 7PM.

Green Pastures
A Healthy Eating Restaurant... serves local organic ingredients as well as organic coffee. Everything local. Loves Local.

Green Pastures Grassfed Beef Menu
 David Burger
Freshly ground grassfed beef with salt and pepper, onion jam on top.
Meat on Meat Burger
Freshly ground grassfed beef with 48 hours grassfed short rib, top with cheddar, tomato, red onion, homemade ackees.
80/20 Burger
80% grassfed beef, 20% organic bacon, parsley salad and a slice of tomato top with stracciatella cheese made from buffalo milk.

With Chef Robby Goco

It was a Gastronomic Grassfed Beef festive day and my tummy's so happy with all the grassfed beef menu that I had tasted and enjoyed. Looking forward on the net trail....
Presented by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), the Victorian State Government, and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).

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