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Coming from a family of Ilocano's from my mother side no wonder i immediately fell in love with the different pancit and other delicious ilocano menu of Intay Ag Pancit. First glance from the outside of the restaurant doesn't really look like a restaurant but a 2 story house with a homegrown feeling int he province when you get inside.

Intay Ag Pancit is a family restaurant where you may enjoy the Ilokano specialties that they're offering such as Pinakbet, Dinakdakan, Crispy Dinuguan, Igado, Pinapaitan,  and the likes. But of course, its a Pancitan house of course you will get to taste their delicious and super unique Pancit Cabagan, Pancit Batil Patung, and Pancit Niladdit but then again because the home restaurant is open to everyone they also offer their Special Pancit Sotanghon.

Oh feels life home reminiscing my Lolo and Lola's house in the province with the cool breeze coming from the tree's and serene feeling of peacefulness.
First, let me justify the "province feel" inside the house on which I'm pretty sure you too can relate and feel what I am talking about inside Intay Ag Pancit Home/Restaurant ^_^

The Different Tables
Schedule your meetings here, celebrate your anniversaries, conduct your presentations or simply stay to hang over and do your assignments and or paper works or solve play old local games.

The Stairs
 Who didn't grew up in the province with the epic staircase? With different burloly alongside it ^_^

Simple Artworks
This is run by a family,
for families,
and you are a family.

What I noticed about the staff of Intay Ag Pancit are the cheerful and nakangisi (smiling) staff preparing the food we had tasted and really enjoyed. And all if not most of them are Ilokanos, which I can really much relate with.

Intay Ag Pancit owned by Ms. Bangs Zaldivar, located at 51 Cenacle Drive Sanville, Quezon City, the Philippines with mobile number Globe - 09956179725 / Smart - 09086185986 for your orders, events, and reservations... Intay Ag Pancit does not use MSG and goes daily to the market to buy the fresh recipe and uses oil sparingly. Now that's Deliciously cooked and Healthily prepared.

Now let us go to their menu where all of the best home cooked Ilocano recipes are.....

Fresk miki from Isabela is what Intay Ag Pancit uses for the different Pancit they offer. And everything is best eaten while it's hot.


Pancit Niladdit Sabaw
Php 100.00
Pancit Niladdit Sabaw originally came from The Municipality of Lal-lo, Cagayan is one of the first four cities in the Philippines. Pancit Niladdit Sabaw is an egg noodle, it is flat and it is handmade nothing machine. Pancit Niladdit Sabaw is chicken base, and it is best eaten with lots of calamansi and with soy sauce because the pancit is less salt so that it gives you the option to make it salty or if you're health conscious just simply stay as is...

Pancit Cabagan
Php 100.00
Pancit Cabagan with this once you place it on your plate add right away some calamansi or vinegar after that you got to put soy sauce because the saltiness of the noodles is lesser then you add accordingly if you wanted it to be saltier. Plus some chili bits to add spice to the pancit and bitterness of the calamansi and some freshly sliced onions (putting sibuyas) and it becomes crunchier ay na naggimas. Just a tip the soy sauce that we used is also made from Cagayan

Pancit Batil Patung
Php 100.00
Pancit Batil Patung, is from Cagayan, Tuguegarao. Comes with poached egg and egg drop soup. It is a delicious mix of noodles, beef and liver, chicharon crushed and crunchy sprout. The best thing about Pancit Batil Patung is its protein overload because of the egg content plus the egg soup with it. From the word Batil or Binatil (Beaten) and Patung because the other egg is put on top of the noodles. Ow My Favorite :)


Tapa A Nuangsilog
Php 150.00
The best menu of the day.....
Tapa A Nuangsilog
Php 150.00

Daing na Bangus

Longganisa Silog
Php 90.00

Adobo Silog
Php 90.00


Crispy Pork Dinuguan
Php 260.00

Php 170.00

Php 199.00

Php 199.00


Chocolate de Leche Cake
Php 130.00

Bread Pudding with Vanilla Butter Sauce
Php 120.00
It has a warm vanilla butter sauce.....

Kape A Bagas
Php 50.00
A coffee made from a roasted rice and not grind but rather pinukpok and caffeine free best with brown sugar and cream or take it as it is. Perfect for the rainy season....

Nowadays it's rainy season and it's perfect to go to Intay Ag Pancit to order any of their delicious and unique pancit selections and go for a cup of Kape A Bagas and Bread pudding topped with vanilla butter sauce. Now if I didn't make you feel hungry you be the judge visit their home restaurant at 51 Cenacle Drive Sanville Subd. Quezon City, Philippines or call for delivery:
Globe - 09956179725
Smart - 09086185986
*Delivery in Sanville Only

You don't need to go to Cagayan or any part of Ilocos provinces to taste these kinds of Pancit because you can have it at Intay Ag Pancit with the same taste and same price without even needing to go to Cagayan.

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