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HIRAYA Artisan Chocolates a Filipino Bean-To-Bar Chocolates Product Launch

Hiraya is an ancient Tagalog word, which means the fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations. A Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate maker with a social conscience and an advocate of sustainable practices. Our direct relationship with our farmers ensures that they earn more for their labor, securing them a better quality of life.

I so Love Chocolates and I'm shouting it loudly ^_^ seriously who doesn't like chocolates or who didn't enjoy their childhood with chocolates? The event was held at Roots, Katipunan in which I find it very interesting because of its artistic environment with different paintings and some local stuff to buy... Other than the launch of HIRAYA Chocolates we also had a taste test using our 5 senses...

In the market today there are a lot of different variants and flavors coming out from different chocolate companies, but what do you really look for in a chocolate? Is it something to satisfy your sweet tooth or something to indulge your cravings for chocolate or a chocolate that helps benefit your taste buds but as well as farmers who plant and harvest the cacao that is one of the main ingredients of making a chocolate.

Let me introduce to you HIRAYA Artisan Chocolates a Filipino Bean-To-Bar Chocolates.....

Hiraya Chocolates
  • HIRAYA is an ancient Filipino word which means “the fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations”
  • We are a Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company who sources cacao directly from local farmers
  • We follow sustainable, socially conscious practices, and fair trade principles

Mission Vision Impact
  • Our mission is to improve the lives of our cacao farmer communities through direct and fair trade
  • Our vision is to produce a strong brand of fine quality chocolate and chocolate products
  • To date, we have one (1) community composed of 58 farmers in Brgy. Malabog, Davao City

With Mr. Arvin Joseph Peralta

Social Entrepreneurship
  • Combines business with do good mentality
  • Contributes to a sense of local identity and supports local economy
  • Profit-oriented but at its core also tackles and helps provide solutions for social issues
  • Our efforts have since provided +200% in income for our community of farmers in Davao

Together with our community of farmers in Davao

HIRAYA Chocolate Products

Spicy Dark Chocolate with Crunchy Porl Rinds

Queso de Bola
Dark Chocolate with Edam Cheese Chunks

Chocolate wit Coconut Milk and Roasted Coconuts

72% Dark Chocolate Single-Origin Davao (85g)
Flavor Profile: fruity with just a slight hint of bitterness
100% locally sourced ingredients, all-natural, hand-harvested cacao
No preservatives, no additives, no artificial flavors, suitable for vegans
SRP: PHP180.00

Hiraya x Kalsada Chocolate Bar with Coffee Nibs (70g)
Flavor Profile: strong and robust coffee notes
Featuring premium coffee beans sourced from the highlands of Sitio Belis, Benguet Province
Collaboration with Kalsada Coffee—a social enterprise
based in Manila and Seattle that promotes specialty coffee from the Philippines
SRP: PHP200.00

As Featured In:
  • BPI Foundation’s Sinag Business Challenge 2015, Top 40 Semi-Finalist
  •, Oct-Dec 2015
  •, Nov 30, 2015
  •, Dec 18, 2015
  • ANC Green Living, Aired Feb 9, 2016
  • Yummy Magazine, April 2016 Issue
  • Breakfast Magazine, Nov 23, 2016
  • Michelin Guide Singapore, Feb 15,
  • 2017
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  • The Thinking Consumer, May 2017

For Orders/inquiries contact HIRAYA Chocolates at:


c/o Roots Katipunan
Unit 106 FBR Arcade Bldg.,
317 Katipunan Avenue
Loyola Heights, Quezon City


Arvin Peralta 0917-8511685



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Thank You to Mr. Arvin Joseph Peralta for accommodating my proposal as well as his teammates Mr. Joseph Belison, R&D Food Tech Consultant of HIRAYA ARTISAN CHOCOLATES, INC. and Ms. Joanalisa Diones, Marketing in charge of HIRAYA ARTISAN CHOCOLATES, INC.

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