Monday, August 19, 2019

Nanyang a taste of Authentic Singaporean Delights

The typical breakfast scenario – the combination of a cup of Kopi and a freshly toasted bread – with a modern twist. 

“Kopi” means “coffee” and “Tiam” means “shop”. Combining these two words, “kopi tiam” means “coffee shop” which is deeply rooted in the origins of Southeast Asia. It became popular through serving a variety of simple food offerings such as coffee, tea, kaya, toast, and many more.

I seldom pass by 2 of Nanyang's I believed most dine-in branches which in SM Aura Premier and Bonifacio High Street and the thing that catches my attention most from their billboard of the menu outside the restaurant is the Coffee Jelly and Laksa. Because after tasting Laksa from other restaurants it became one of my favorite Singaporean meal.

Kopi Jelly Milk Tea
Kopi Jelly Milk Tea is a perfect mixture of coffee and milk tea specially made for milk tea lovers. The strong coffee and milk tea complement each other just as if not more than those sprouting milk tea shops in the metro.

Kopi Jelly Milk Tea - Php 130.00
Kopi Jelly Milk Tea
The showstopper that made me felt I want some more even though I'm full already is their Laksa, cooked in a spicy with creamy from rich an aromatic coconut-based broth, with shrimp, half-boiled egg and some fish cake with their own me tai bak (rice noodle). Once I get to taste the soup I can't stop slurping up the steaming bowl of the Laksa, a favorite amongst Singaporeans now includes me. Best eaten once it is served hot and smell the variety of spices, it is simply irresistible. No doubt its authenticity because the soup itself had the best spiciness and taste of a real laksa. 

Laksa Prawn - Php 268.00
The laksa broth offers the right balance of spice and coconut milk, a distinctive noodle soup.
Laksa Prawn
Wake up to better mornings and lunch and dinner... Yes, you can enjoy an authentic Singaporean breakfast meal any time of the day with Nanyang's deliciously made healthy meals.

Hainanese Kaya Butter Toast - Php 70.00
Ultimate comfort food for those with a sweet tooth, offering the right mix of crunch and sugar.
Hainanese Kaya Butter Toast
Nanyang serves the best Kaya Toast a most well-known breakfast in Singapore. It is the perfect snack that goes very well with a cup of local kopi (coffee) or teh (tea), grilled or toasted slices of bread with cold butter and a generous spread of kaya (a traditional jam made from coconut and eggs). So simple to make yet so yummmmmy! Kaya Toast a perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess along with some crunch. A true Singaporean favorite.

Hainanese Kaya Butter Toast

Peanut Butter Multigrain Thick Toast will make you wanna get more using a stick because it is simply yummy and healthy. Chewy on the inside and crusty on the outside, with a generous spread of crunchy peanut butter. Made with a layer of rich and creamy peanut butter. Nanyang has a lot of variety of flavors to choose from, stored in bottle available at any Nanyang restaurant.

Peanut Butter Thick Toast - Php 60.00
Peanut Butter Thick Toast
Inside Nanyang is a place wherein you will notice how relaxing the ambiance with a rustic touch in a refreshing view. The place is 

Nanyang, literally known as the “Southern Ocean,” refers to the warm and fertile region of South China, otherwise known as “Southeast Asia.” Kopi Tiam came from two Hokkien terms.

Now there's a restaurant that you can enjoy classic Asian Delights without breaking the bank and without needing to go to Singapore. Remember when it comes to authentic taste it should always be and must always be about quality.

SM Megamall Branch, Upper Ground Floor (besides Bread Talk)

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