Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Original All American Food around different states

Original All American Circuit brings us a taste of celebration as they craft their dishes using 100% high-quality ingredients! Taste the Best Metered Pizza in Town at All American Pizza! 

Check out the restaurant's interior alone make you go back to the Beatles times and worth instagrammable if you opt to go for a 50's photo shot them...

A 1950s-themed Diner offering the Best-Metered Pizza, Steaks, Quarter Pounder Burgers, Tasty Wings & other signature dishes inspired by different States in America! 

Taste the Best Metered Pizza in Town! Yes, you heard it right and in just a few seconds it was a wrap!

Let us start with the starters

Parmesan Potato Wedges & BBQ Potato Wedges / Php 95.00 each

Onion Rings / Php 115.00

Cheesy Nachos / Php 195.00

Signature Soup

Washington Seafood Chowder & Louisiana Tomato Soup / Php 195

Liberty Chicken Fingers

Choice of the following: Jack Daniel, Barbecue, Teriyaki, Parmesan Garlic, Texas Hot, Mango Sriracha / Php 245.00 (6pcs), Php 385 (12pcs), Php 525.00 (18pcs)

Mango Sriracha / Php 245.00 (6pcs), Php 385 (12pcs), Php 525.00 (18pcs)

Barbecue / Php 245.00 (6pcs), Php 385 (12pcs), Php 525.00 (18pcs)

Teriyaki / Php 245.00 (6pcs), Php 385 (12pcs), Php 525.00 (18pcs)

Parmesan Garlic / Php 245.00 (6pcs), Php 385 (12pcs), Php 525.00 (18pcs)

Jack Daniel / Php 245.00 (6pcs), Php 385 (12pcs), Php 525.00 (18pcs)

L.A. Burgers (Served with Potato Wedges)

L.A. Burgers (Served with Potato Wedges): Mexican Chili Burger (Php 385.00), All American Burger (Php 345.00), Buffalo Chicken Burger (Php 285.00)

Colorado Sizzlers Served with grilled corn and java rice

BBQ Chicken / Php 235.00

BBQ Chicken / Php 235.00

Smoky Beef Ribs / Php 275.00

Famous Pork Ribs / Php 285.00

Burger Steak / Php 285.00

Mama Mia Pastas

Sphagetti with Meatballs / Php 215.00

Spicy Shrimp Alfredo / Php 245.00

Chicken Parmigiano / Php 235.00

Mew Mexico Tacos (2 pieces)

Arizona Burritos


All American Apple Pie (with a slice of cheddar) / Php 125.00

Diner Drinks

Did I make you hungry with those delectable food photos from All American Pizza, located at Ground Floor Circuit Makati. If you're strolling around the area and you happen to have your pet babies no worries the restaurant is a pet-friendly store, plus for frontliners and senior citizens they do offer discounts. When you're dining inside the restaurant or opt to dine outside the restaurant social distancing is observed for everyone's safety.

For more promos, discounts, and other food options you may Call at 09175050888, and follow Original All American on their social media accounts at FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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