Sunday, April 1, 2018

OH MY SAMGYUP Korean Food Trip in Quezon City!


No doubt we Filipinos had been conquered by Koreans may it be Korean Dramas, Korean Group Singers, Korean Makeup and of course Korean Food. In Korea, the word Samgyup-sal, meaning "por-belly", often refers to samgyeop-sal-gui (grilled pork belly).

After such a feast of different Korean Meat, it is no doubt good to chill with a cold beer, so some of my co-bloggers had a Beer Drinking Challenge.....

And the Beer Drinking Champion is Rayrose Villanueva of who defeated the boys.

As well as the owners also joined the Beer Drinking Challenge and they were so cool about it.....

I and a good friend of mine who happened to be the host of the event Ann Ville Purificacion of both enjoyed the highly recommend their Herb Samgyuepsal.

Sprouting everywhere in the Metro, even in the province, you can find Korean Restaurants and one of the most famous types of Korean Resto are grilled, on pot and of course buffet with lots of meat, bacon, beef, kimchi, beans, and different side dishes even best paired with cold famous Korean drink Soju.

One of the instagrammable Korean restaurants in the metro just in front of ELJ Communication Center in BS-CBN.

Here are some of the most ordered meal from their Menu:
Spicy Stew Made with Tofu and Shellfish

Korean Braised Short Rib

Korean Dish Made with Kimchi Pork and Tofu

Korean Beef Short Rib Soup

Different types of fried chicken flavors


The Menu

To all Kpop fan, Kdrama addict and to all Korean food lover this place is a MUST TRY. Follow Oh My Samgyup FB Page at
Oh My Korean Grill and Chimaek is located at 139 Mother Ignacia Ave. Quezon City. Nearest landmark is ABSCBN ELJ BLDG.

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